Politicians as Cats: State Senator Tummies Avella (NY-D)

hair of the Zoning and Franchises
hair of the Zoning and Franchises
Senator Tummies Avella (NY-D)
Zoning and Yarn Subcommittee
Wrote legislation banning babies and machetes


I’ve been teaching myself to use a stylus and digital paint techniques, and what better way to do that is there than after painting the Senators (State Senators, local politicians, heck, sometimes even Governors) one at a time, as they make the news? None that I can think of, but when I do I’ll do that, instead.


Recently New York has seen a string of machete attacks, two that I can find in public records in the last year. Queens politician and state Senator Tony Avella is of the opinion that machetes should be banned, due to this horrific upturn in Vietnam era weaponry based attacks, which brings to light a few lingering questions, like – How will lawn service experts cut through the thicks of jungle in the Queens suburbs? Does a brisket sabre qualify as a machete, and if so, how will this legislation deal with the need for smaller buns where businesses serve sliced brisket now that they have to use butter knives to cut BBQ? And most importantly, as long as we are banning physical attack types one at a time, and not just assault or murder overall, are there plans in place to legislate against making any more movies based on toys from my childhood? I’m starting to take that shit personally. Whatever happens, I hope Senator Tony continues his epic and time critical battles against out-of-date arms and county squirrel massacres*.








*Senator Tony Avella joined animal rights protesters standing against the Hazzard County Squirrel Slam in 2013