Boo Memories: Blithe, lazy circles in the yard



See this face? This is the face of a man purposefully trying to recreate the 80’s movie Karate Kid signature crane kick stance on a paddle board in a creek.  So I’d like to take this time to thank all anyone who had to look at this face for whatever reason or reasons in the past, and my amazing girlfriend Jennifer.  You didn’t have to stick through something like that, and yet you did.  I was considering uploading videos of me working on jewelry, painting, talking about my craft and the crazy internet articles or cat pics I ran across that day, but after seeing that face, well, I won’t punish the Internet for my and nature’s misdeeds.


Maybe I can start a Bob Ross style painting podcast.



Emily Sutton wears BS

Emily Sutton wearing a Boo Science pendant
Emily Sutton wearing a Boo Science pendant


I just thought everyone should know Emily Sutton wears Boo Science jewelry. Which is awesome, she’s our favorite weather person of all time.

Limited run BS stickers

Boo Science sticker, limited run, 2015

This year I’m changing a few logos, some design, freshening things up, and handing out a few goodies to loyal BSers. A small batch of 50 stickers have been divided up and sent out to a select few. They should be there soon, hope they find a few good guitar cases, bumpers, windows and Sally Kern book covers.

My Bae’s B-day Rumble Painting

My Jae bae has her b-day today, so I spent the week painting her other boyfriend in toxic pigments, that way she knows I’m willing to slowly kill myself for her even when she’s away. She loved it, and who wouldn’t love a portrait of yet another Oklahoma based hipster with a likely laziness inspired beard?


Rumble in acrylic and enamel
Rumble in acrylic and enamel

Boo Memories: Tumbleweaves

We didn’t have tumbleweaves blowing down the street after a fight when I was a kid, we had deflated hammer pants, blown out flip flops, and missing slap bracelets.