The Adventures of HitchBOT : Coming To America!

A robot named HitchBOT has been making his way through Europe, Canada, and recently started his American journey, when shortly into this apparently ludicrous idea for an unaccompanied autonomous hitchhiking machine he met his demise in Philadelphia. To be fair to UberX and their drivers it is not known how HitchBOT actually met his demise roadside, but after googling tourist problems in Philly I found there was a claim of an UberX driver attacking, raping, and holding hostage a woman that went to court, and it doesn’t appear to be the only such claim again Uber. Let’s hope this time it was simply a newer version of HitchBOT from the future that came back in time using┬ácocaine, John Swifts underpants, riding the Liberty Bell at 88 mph during a thunderstorm while holding a pitchfork so he could harvest the needed parts to correct the time line to one where Donald Trump hadn’t been elected President for a third term.


Here’s to hoping. Also here’s a bit more about the demise of HitchBOT –